Our mission is to create a network of Recovery Homes (clean and sober living homes) to help people suffering from addiction, re-assimilate into society by supporting the transitions from addiction, to recovery, to independent living.

Struggling with what to do after treatment?  Being a part of a clean and sober living home is a great second step.


Below is a map of Vermont featuring all of our recovery home (clean and sober living home) locations.


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Vermont Foundation of Recovery
Vermont Foundation of Recovery2 weeks ago
A lot of people associate recovery from substance abuse with mental healing and abstinence. While this is largely correct, these folks at CrossFit Burlington are taking it up another notch with healthy bodies!

Folks at CFB participated over the month of December in a #burpee challenge to raise money for non-profits and VFOR was one of the them! We are humbled and extremely grateful for their time and energy on our behalf. These are some tough people! For those of you wondering, over 8000 #burpee's were performed. The first annual "Burpee-athon" was a wild success!

Physical fitness has been proven to increase well-being and moods, and helps reduce anxiety in individuals. You can read all about it on the CDC's website! A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.


For those of you interested in #crossfit, we highly suggest taking a trip down to their gym. Molly Purvis, and her crew will set you up in no time! #recoveryworks #recovery #fitness #CFBcares
Vermont Foundation of Recovery
Vermont Foundation of Recovery3 weeks ago
On December 27th, The Vermont Foundation of Recovery turned four years old! The journey has been full of growth, learning, and understanding. We've grown internally and externally over that time and have come to help over 160 people try and navigate the early stages of recovery with safe, stable, and affordable recovery-living homes. We couldn't have done it without our volunteers, partnerships, fundraisers and donors. From the bottom of our hearts; thank you!

News Updates: VFOR has closed the men's Waterbury home and will be moving it to Barre! Along with the move, we also plan on adding two new homes to our network in two new communities! Stay tuned as we move along. We are very excited at what the new year will bring.

Here's to another four years! #recoveryworks #recovery
Vermont Foundation of Recovery
Vermont Foundation of Recovery1 month ago
Hello friends of VFOR!

We are proud and humbled to announce our partnership with Phil LaCroix and his "Enough is Enough" campaign. Phil will be running/hiking the entire 274-mile stretch of the Long Trail to help raise $50,000 for VFOR and the Vermont Recovery Network. Substance Abuse Disorder is a terrible disease, and he's looking to make a bold statement in the face of what would seem like insurmountable odds.

Lets help Phil raise money, and recruit fellow runners and hikers for the trip. The planned time for the expedition is late August to early September of 2018. If you would like to join, participate or pledge money to the cause, please get in touch with us!

Please give this post a like and a share to help spread the word.

#enoughisenough #recoveryworks #VFOR

Vermont Foundation of Recovery
Vermont Foundation of Recovery2 months ago
We are swelling with gratitude this holiday season! Aspenti Health and their employees pooled together to fill VFOR's pantries. Here is a shot of our Lincoln St pantry which contains 100% donated items from Aspenti's "Stock the Pantry" drive.

A new member immediately put this to use: "I can save so much money right now before the holidays!" - Chris

The members are taking it a step further by cooking a hot meal this Sunday before their house meeting.

Thank you so much Aspenti!
Vermont Foundation of Recovery
Vermont Foundation of Recovery2 months ago
Hello everyone!

After "Cyber Monday" comes "Giving Tuesday". Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by some philanthropists and funding partners to help kick-start the giving season for the holidays. Since it's inaugural year, it has become quite the social media sensation and it continues to gain traction.

While we understand that holiday times can be taxing in many ways, we ask you to please consider donating to VFOR. Even smaller amounts of money can help jump-start someone's chance to a meaningful recovery.

To donate: Come to VFOR's Facebook page and click "Donate" in the top right hand corner. Please give this a like, and if you wish - share it on your page. Happy Holidays!

#recovery #givingtuesday #recoveryworks

Read more about Giving Tuesday here: https://www.givingtuesday.org/about