Membership Policies

**Please note that these may change**  All members receive an updated membership agreement upon arrival.

Utilities included in your membership are:

  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Basic Cable in the living room
  • Wireless internet
  • Phone
  • Washer and Dryer

First Week of Membership Dues/Initial Dues/Weekly Dues:

Before becoming a member and moving into a Vermont Foundation of Recovery home each member must supply the House Manager with the initial membership dues of $300 plus one week’s worth of membership dues of $140 or $160 depending on location.  Totaling either $440 or $460.

To receive the initial dues back each member must remain a member of VFOR for at least three (3) consecutive months. If membership is terminated due to an infraction (or multiple infractions) of any of the policies or member moves out prior to completing three (3) month commitment then said member would not receive initial dues back.

After completion of initial three (3) months, membership transfers to a month-to-month basis. A month-to-month member must provide a thirty (30) day notice prior to moving out of a house to receive initial dues back.

Weekly membership fees are due no later than 5pm each Friday. Each member should supply the House Manager with $_______ by cash, check, or money order. All checks and money orders are to be made out to Vermont Foundation of Recovery, Inc.  If a personal check (member or third party) bounces, member is responsible for paying any surcharges that are associated with the bad check and member loses all privileges to write checks in the future.

When a member decides to move out, a signed document will be filled out with all move out information listed.

First 30-Day Introduction Period

First Recovery Related Meeting

All members are required to attend a recovery related meeting within twenty-four (24) hours of move-in.  The thirty-day (30) probation period begins on the day of the first recover related meeting.  If you do not attend a recovery related meeting within the first twenty-four (24) hours membership is terminated.

Overnight Guest, Outings, Curfew:

For the first 30 days each house member has a 10:30pm curfew. If under supervision the most stringent rules apply. Overnight guests or nights out are not allowed for the first 30 days. Guest must leave by curfew, 10:30pm.

House Meeting/Recovery Meetings:

The house meeting is mandatory for the first 30 days. For the first 30 days, members must attend a recovery-based meeting each day with personal documentation for each daily meeting. Some recovery related meetings might include, but not limited to 12 step meetings, meeting with a sponsor or counselor, IOP, meeting with a recovery coach and/or church. All Recovery Meetings need to be at least one hour in length to meet this obligation. This is not a comprehensive list but is meant to give you some ideas. If you are unsure an activity counts, obtain approval with the House Manager or bring it to the house meeting prior to counting it as one of your meetings.

Recovery Mentor:

In the first 30 days all members are expected to seek out and develop a relationship with a mentor figure. This may include, but is not limited to a counselor, a recovery coach, and/or a 12-step sponsor. If you have another idea for a mentor, you need to have it approved by the House Manager.

Weekly Recovery Related Commitment:

In the first 30 days of membership members are expected to seek out and maintain a weekly recovery related commitment. This may include, but is not limited to an IOP group, group meeting with a therapist, church, and/or a 12-step home group. If you have another idea about a weekly recovery related commitment, have it approved by the House Manager prior to committing.


If a member does not have employment by the end of the first two (2) weeks they are expected to find volunteering or education. By the end of two (2) weeks, new members must provide documentation that work, volunteering and/or education has begun. Once work, or volunteering, and/or education have been established, 20 hours are the minimum hours expected.  Please note that at any time, VFOR may ask for documentation of work (paystub).   If you have any questions about what is acceptable for work/volunteering/education, consult the House Manager.

Legal Supervision:

Anyone on State, Federal, or court ordered supervision, including family court, must abide by his or her condition. They will also need to sign a release/consent form for the House Manager and the Probation Officer or any other related facilitator.

Overnight guest, outings, Curfew:

If a member is to have a guest, the guest must meet ALL members of the house before they can stay. All guests must adhere to all our membership rules and requirements. Guests are the responsibility of the member who they are visiting. Guests are not allowed to be at the house without the member hosting the guest at the house with them. Guest breaking policies could lead to a behavioral contract to the hosting member. Members can have an overnight guest two (2) nights per week or a member can stay out two (2) nights each week after their 30-day intro period, so long as they are caught up on membership dues. Curfews still apply if a member is under some type of legal supervision or behavioral contract.

NOTE:  If a member is out past 12am or leaves before 6am or a guest stays in past 12am or enters before 6am this will be considered one of the member’s allotted nights out.  Work schedules are excluded from this.

NOTE:  If a member misses curfew because of an emergency, member must provide written documentation with the date and time.

Extended time out (more than two days)

  • Needs to be brought up at a house meeting ahead of time to be approved
  • Absent house member must check in with another house member every day
  • Will not be granted if member is behind in membership dues

House meeting:

After the first 30-day intro period, if a member needs to miss a house meeting they will need to bring it to a prior house meeting for approvalIf a member misses a house meeting without approval, the member immediately goes on a behavior contract.  If a member misses a house meeting for emergency reasons, member must provide written documentation that includes the date and time.  The house meeting does not count as a recovery related meeting.

Recovery meetings

All VFOR house members must attend a minimum of four (4) recovery related meetings each week.


All members are expected to maintain 20 hours of work, volunteering, or education.

Recovery Mentor:

After the 30-day introduction period members are expected to keep relationships with a recovery mentor. If for some reason a member ends their relationship with the recovery mentor, members will need to inform the house manager. This member will then need to find a new recovery mentor.


To continue to help individuals in the future, current members must take care of our property to the best of their ability. This starts with individual rooms.  Rooms are to meet VFOR’s basic standard of cleanliness. Random room inspections will be performed by the House Manager, Mentor, or an Agent of VFOR.  These inspections include but are not limited to: going through dresser drawers, opening cabinets, checking under beds, and going through closets, looking at medication or anything else deemed important by the VFOR organization.  The kitchen is a shared space, dishes are to be washed, and counters are to be free of debris and clutter. Use of appliances will be at the discretion of those affected but must be cleaned up after each use. There is a chore agenda that is to be followed weekly. Penalties for not completing chores will be decided upon at house meetings.

VFOR members are responsible for maintaining the property in terms of mowing and shoveling snow.  VFOR provides lawn mowing and snow removal equipment but removal is the responsibility of VFOR members.

Drug testing and smoking:

There is random drug and alcohol testing, if the results are positive, members will be asked to leave immediately.

  • The member will have 2 hours to take the urinalysis and one cup of water.
    • If the member does not take the drug test within the two hours, they may have to leave immediately; membership could be terminated.
  • A Breathalyzer must be taken immediately, if refused it will be treated as a positive test.
  • If member would like to contest positive results they are responsible for any costs related to confirmation. If the member contests the positive results, the sample will be submitted for specific substance identification.
    • Confirmation of the specific substance that tested positive can take up to three (3) business days.
      • All member personal belongings may stay on the Vermont Foundation of Recovery property.
      • The member may be escorted by a Vermont Foundation of Recovery agent to retrieve any personal belongings.
      • Member is still responsible for membership dues.
    • If a house member refuses testing, this will count as a positive test and the member must leave immediately.

If a member knows another member is using or has used/drank and doesn’t bring this information to the House Manager or Mentor, they can be at risk for having their membership terminated. 

There is no smoking in VFOR homes. If this happens or evidence of smoking in the house is found, membership will be terminated.


Members of Vermont Foundation of Recovery can be on medication that is prescribed by a doctor.

  • If the medication is a deemed abusive by VFOR, there can only be one dose kept on the property at a time. The medication must be picked up as a daily dose at a local pharmacy, clinic, or licensed provider.
  • If the medication has to be picked up daily at the pharmacy and is prescribed PRN, but the member does not take their dose – they may keep it for the next day. However, members are not allowed to have more than one dose on them at any given time.
  • If you are on any type of maintenance, a consent to release form must be filled out before becoming a member and presented upon arrival to ensure that VFOR receives tests accordingly. If you working with any type of lab, we need a consent form from them as well.
  • If the house feels it is being abused, sold, or used any other way than prescribed, membership will be terminated.
  • All members must sign consent forms/releases with a prescribing professional if on a controlled substance.
  • All changes in medication must be reported to House Manager or Vermont Foundation of Recovery operation team within 24 hours of any change. This may result in the Vermont Foundation of Recovery team calling prescribing professional.

Illegal Activity:

Any illegal activity is unacceptable. This may result in termination of membership.

Theft of any kind is strictly forbidden.  If any member is caught with another member’s personal belongings (inside or outside the property), they are subject to immediate termination from their VFOR home.

VFOR does not take any responsibility for member’s belongings.  Any belongings brought into a VFOR homes are strictly the member’s responsibility to maintain and keep them safe.

Member’s Belongings:

Members will need to bring their own belongings such as clothes, pillows and bedding, electronics etc. If it does not fit in your room in a reasonable fashion, then it cannot be brought to the house. When the membership agreement is completed or terminated, members must take their belongings with them the day they vacate the premise. If belongings do not leave with member on the day of, belongings move to storage and remain there for 60 days.  If we don’t hear from the former member by the end of the 60 days, VFOR reserves the right to remove all of the abandoned property and/or donate them to another organization. If anything happens to their belongings, the Members of the house and VFOR are not held responsible.

VFOR does provide you with some essentials in each bedroom. Items in the room when you sign the policy must remain in the room upon completion or termination of membership. 

There is a No Weapons policy at VFOR residencies.  This is to ensure the safety of all members. These include, but are not limited to: guns, knives, bow and arrows, tasers, kubatons, brass knuckles, throwing stars, and anything else VFOR deems a weapon.

Conflict Resolution:

We encourage a family atmosphere at VFOR Recovery residencies, common respect for VFOR members and agents! However, we understand there might be disagreements between house members. Should disagreements arise each member should try to resolve the dispute in good faith using clear communication. If the dispute continues thereafter, the housemates agree to the following methods of conflict resolution:

  • Mediation by the House Manager or House Mentor
  • Mediation at House Meeting or Operations Team Meeting
  • Immediate dismissal of one or both parties (situation dependent).


Any grievances with either member of the house or agent of Vermont Foundation of Recovery are taken seriously.  The first step will be to e-mail the Vermont Foundation of Recovery,  If the problem does not improve, member may present grievance at the Operations Team meeting.  If the grievance is with an Operations Team member, that member will be excused from the discussion.

Pet Policy:

VFOR has a no pet policy. Please do not bring any pets inside of a VFOR home.  If pets are to come over to visit, please keep the animal outside whenever possible.  Vermont pet laws are to be followed on all properties.  Members are also responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Behavior Contract:

Infractions to any of these policies may lead to an initial behavior contract. If an infraction occurs, the member will be asked to leave the house meeting while the rest of the house discuss and agree upon the terms of the contract.  If the member receiving the contract chooses not to agree, this does not change the validity of the contract.

Not following the initial contract will result in secondary/final contract. Infraction of a final contract results in a membership review by the Operations Team.

Financial Contract:

Any time a member is behind in weekly dues this will lead to an initial financial contract. Please refer to behavior contract section as the same policies apply.  With the initial contract; the member put on the financial contract, will come up with their own budget plan to pay back VFOR (a minimum of $10 extra per week on top of membership dues is required but member can pay more).

The secondary/final contract will be a budget developed by an agent of VFOR. Infraction of the final contract results in a membership review by the Operations Team.

30-Day Notice :

Any member that leaves a VFOR home must submit a 30-Day notice.  Failure to present a 30-day notice will result in loss of initial membership dues.  If for some reason, member decides not to move out after giving a 30-day notice, member is responsible for contacting the Operations Team and doing an in-person review at the Operations Meeting.  Please note that the proposal may be rejected because we fill the beds quickly thereafter.


The VFOR Team is trained and experienced in providing a safe and sober living environment. VFOR is not a treatment facility. By signing and initialing, each member understands that VFOR is not providing substance abuse, mental health, mental health crisis or any other type of clinical treatment to any member. VFOR is solely responsible for maintaining an environment of abstinence from mind-altering substances.

Disruptive and inappropriate behavior will be dealt with immediately. Please call the House Manager if there is disrupting behaviors that cannot wait until house meeting.  If 911, the Police or any emergency service is called to any VFOR House, please contact a VFOR Agent immediately!  If a law enforcement officer shows up at a VFOR house, please contact a VFOR Agent and give the officer a VFOR Agents contact information.

 Members leaving the house in good standing may reapply at any time in the future.  If members separated on bad terms they are barred from Vermont Foundation of Recovery properties unless granted access by a VFOR Agent.

The Vermont Foundation of Recovery Operations Team may update these policies at any time.

The Vermont Foundation of Recovery Operations Director and/or Executive Director may override policies on a case-by-case basis.

Membership Oath:

I will live a sober and drug free life while a member of Vermont Foundation of Recovery. I will have pride, dignity, and integrity in the way I live inside and outside of my home. I will present myself in such a manner that benefits the house I represent and my community. I will strive towards the life of recovery and always remember the others around me. This is the oath I accept by living in a Vermont Foundation of Recovery Home.



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